Oil and gas storage


Amsterdam BV Terminal, Amsterdam | Texas City Terminal, Houston.| Azov and the Black Sea Terminals | The Baltic Sea Terminal | The Caspian Sea Terminal | The Far East (Pacific coast) Terminal. ETC

Fields of Expertise

Logistics, Pipeline Transportation, Storage Tanks for Crude Oil and chemicals, Finished products | LPG and LNG | Bio fuels | chemicals | Additives Loading and unloading facilities for Railcars, Trucks, VLCC, and barges | Jetties | Single point moorings (SPM), ETC

A Renowned Name In Tank Storage And Logistics


Today traffic is subject to greater changes than ever before. The trend “better, faster, further” and the pursuit of economic vitality and ecological sustainability in transportation are almost consistent all over the world. ALBASHNEFT is fully equiped to this modern task.


The global changes in social, technological, ecological and spatial conditions have a considerable impact on the mobility of people and the transport of goods. At ALBASHNEFT logistics, we have the modern Technologies to bring about clients satisfaction


At ALBASHNEFT, we understand the effects of the transportation network and as such, we illustrate and optimize the benefits of investments in transportation engineering measures in all aspects for our clients to be ready in the run-up to decisions/investment.


Our vision is to be the preferred partner in energy logistics, transportation and consultation/facilitator in the industry. We have been active in tank storage logistics since 1986. Our name is renowned for our excellent performance over the years


The company owns and operates 46 terminals in 21 countries with a total storage capacity of 20 million cbm, on five continents. As experienced company, we make sure our clients get exactly what they bargained.


The efficiency and quality of project execution is increased significantly by streamlining management responsibilities. As one of the largest consultancy firm and independent operators of Tank terminals for oils, chemicals and gases worldwide, our goal is to see that every client is satisfied with our services.


ALBASHNEFT logistics has delivered industry-leading truckload freight services to thousands of customers throughout North America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. The relationships we build with quality carriers is a big part of who we are. Our network of more than 40,000 carriers gives us the flexibility to offer our truckload customers a variety of equipment types.