Award winning team of professional and talented consultants in International Trade, Oil and Gas, and Engineering, We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

Contract & Procurement

Our experienced contract & procurement experts help clients during the purchasing process of goods & services, but also assist on tenders, describing specifications, claim & contract management

Coordination & Cooperation

Coordination and cooperation with partners such as suppliers, intermediaries, external service providers and customers. 

Technical & Complex Projects

Combining our experience in technical and complex projects, often involving different stakeholders, aids our partners with the stringent management of the entire purchasing process for one or more projects and programmes. 


“Over the years, our experts have helped many leading international companies in selection of the right partner, the contract and procurement consultants to ensure that the agreed conditions are correctly followed up on both during and at the conclusion of the project. This is often where the difference is made and the greatest contribution is demanded of our employees in this complex process”. Roy Viktor Mikhailovich. CEO/Russian Ports.

Our talented consultants in International trade, Oil and Gas, and Engineering, team has a lot of experience in helping you realize all kinds of specialized projects in a variety of sectors. Our consultants work excellently in a team or individually and they can work on-site as well as at our office, making sure that every project are successfully executed.

Richard Grey - Director: Rotterdam Port