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ALBASHNEFT offers its clients a comprehensive consulting services. We competently manages all storage and logistics as well as  Pipeline transportation/engineering works with the right specialist disciplines required for every project.

When you need a professional supply chain logistics company that can handle planning, storage logistics, Pipeline transportation of gas and gas products and transportation logistics, you can count on ALBASHNEFT Logistics, Storage and Delivery to provide you with top-rated, quality services you can count on.

Whether the order is large or small, logistics companies such as ours provide our clients with logistics management that includes the safe receiving, storage, and shipment of goods. Since some food grade goods and general merchandise require special care, ALBASHNEFT Logistics, Storage, Warehouse and Delivery provides dry space, temperature controlled space, rush orders, and rush delivery. Every phase of our supply logistics is handled with care, expertise, and safety.

Since 1986, we have been proudly servicing our clients’ international air and ocean transportation, project forwarding, export packing, Pipeline transportation and other management needs.

Our focus is service, and our specialty is providing responsive and flexible solutions precisely tailored to the requirements of each customer. Our courteous and resourceful team of professionals deliver the highest quality service every day, building new relationships and delivering customized solutions to our clients.


Professional Tank farm management is needed to reach desired goals regarding time, quality, and cost. This results is clear responsibility and minimal coordination of tasks for ALBASHNEFT clients throughout every contract execution. The efficiency and quality of project execution is increased significantly by streamlining management responsibilities. In the energy industry, the storage of petroleum products and natural gas is important both to provide strategic reserves and to meet peak load demands. Underground storage facilities are also used. If desired by the client, ALBASHNEFT assumes full responsibility for the management of projects.

LOGISTICS consulting

ALBASHNEFT provides advice and support for the actualization and realization of new contracts / ideas while working towards solutions, investors, clients, and project. Our esteemed staffs must check and ensure that project ideas are viable. It is critical that they also identify the technical, operational, and economic constraints of a given project prior to making decisions. A holistic approach is essential to protect systems, detect potential problems and locate intrusions, deflect the threat and restore normal operation. ALBASHNEFT’s comprehensive approach covers the entire project life cycle and all aspects of a security management system, including physical security..


Every project is unique and has requirements specific to the client, business, and country. ALBASHNEFT’s regional presence and broad experience makes a detailed understanding of the services to be provided possible. Successful design and planning comes through a well prepared engineering and design process. Coordination of interdisciplinary interfaces is key, and ALBASHNEFT uses interdisciplinary reviews to ensure top-quality engineering and design. ALBASHNEFT also provides further services if needed such as acquiring all the necessary permits for a project. Our reasonable HR system ensures the establishment of a performance-oriented corporate culture.

project realization

Sustainable project realization has become a key aspect for planning and realizing large-scale projects. Laws, international conventions, bank standards, and corporate principles demand that the potential negative impacts of a project are identified, addressed, and adequately mitigated by ALBASHNEFT. An appropriate impact assessment assures compliance with legal and lender requirements. It also leads to improved corporate reputation, compliance with corporate ethical standards, and more cost-efficient project realization due to reduced non-technical risks. In this context, stakeholder engagement is integral to achieving acceptable results for all involved parties, thereby promoting good corporate citizenship.

Sustainable Growth

To achieve long-term success and controlled growth, we rely on a healthy mix of risk between the operating units. We strive to realize the ambitious growth targets of our corporate strategy without neglecting sustainability aspects. The operating units act independently while being strategically connected, presenting a comprehensive picture of our contribution to the sustainability of a larger economic system. As a company that values talent, we believe diversity plays a key role in attracting and retaining extraordinary people.

  • Pumped Storage Plants
  • Power-to-gas systems
  • Off-grid power supply systems
  • Power-to-heat systems

Risk Management

One of the greatest challenges as we pursue our strategy of controlled, long-term growth is to limit the manifold financial, operational and HSSE risks. That is why we work based on a permanent and thorough risk management scheme that individually rates all risks and defines tailor-made mandates, tasks, and responsibilities. We take a decentralized approach whereby risks are broken out to the individual companies and responsibility is assigned at operating unit level. We strongly believe in the enormous benefits of working in interdisciplinary teams.

  • Project Execution Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operation Supervision
  • Operation Supervision